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Food Preservation Expo is in the planning stages. The vision is a one-stop shopping and education experience where you can learn everything you want to know about preserving foods at home.

The EXPO includes a marketplace and an education program, giving you the opportunity to see and hear—in one place—all the tools, methods, and expertise available today. You can learn how to preserve seasonal foods, prepare an emergency pantry, and the historical traditions of “putting food by”.

The MARKETPLACE is where you can see the latest equipment, watch demonstrations, and browse books that detail traditional and modern methods for turning seasonal foods into delicious home preserved products. You’ll find information for every method. Not just canning and freezing, but also fermenting, pickling, drying, salting, and curing, for every type of food: fruits & vegetables, herbs & spices, meats & fish, grains & legumes, and eggs & dairy.

The EDUCATION program features industry experts who will talk about the diversity of food preservation methods, demystify the tools, explain the science, and share history of the techniques. They will showcase traditional and modern methods for preserving all types of foods, from the familiar to the lesser known. You’ll have an opportunity to hear from master canners, pickle purveyors and kraut creators, makers of dehydrated soups and beef jerky, and other knowledgeable specialists.